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consumption with Clarity

Measure, manage and forecast your business energy usage

While every business uses energy, very few have a deep understanding of how and when it’s being used. That’s where our free online energy management platform, Clarity, can play a vital role in your business, by helping you take control of the energy you use.

Clarity brings together a suite of useful tools that are designed to help you measure, manage and forecast your energy usage.

It’s intuitive and easy to use. It quickly identifies faults and problems. And it can help you identify ways to reduce consumption, save money and cut your carbon footprint.

  • Energy data visualised in graphical and tabular form
  • Range of options to interrogate your energy data
  • Quick ‘snapshots’ highlight issues at log-in
  • Set alarms to identify exceptions and problems
  • Helps you identify ways to save energy

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Clarity reports

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Useful ‘snapshots’ you can check everyday

Clarity allows you to set up a range of ‘snapshots’ that give you a quick indication of the energy-related information that’s relevant to you and your business. This allows you to make a quick daily check to see if there are any problems or issues with the way you’re
using energy.

You can also set alarms to alert you to certain scenarios. For example, if you suddenly use more energy than normal, an alarm can be raised that will quickly help you to identify the reason.

Interactive data you can drill into

Clarity compiles the half-hourly data generated by your meters and makes sense of what’s happening across your estate.

It then presents your information in a range of reports, including interactive ones that allow you to quickly go from a top-level ‘helicopter’ view then drill down into further detail to examine any problems and exceptions within the data.

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