Clarity reports

Clarity Reports

Clarity allows you to set up a range of ‘snapshots’ that give you
a quick indication of the energy-related information that’s relevant to you and your business. This allows you to make a quick daily check to see if there are any problems or issues with the way you’re using energy.

You can also set alarms to alert you to certain scenarios. For example, if you suddenly use more energy than normal, an alarm can be raised that will quickly help you to identify the reason.

Clarity compiles the half-hourly data generated by your meters and makes sense of what’s happening across your estate.
It then presents your information in a range of reports, including interactive ones that allow you to quickly go from a top-level ‘helicopter’ view then drill down into further detail to examine any problems and exceptions within the data.

Visualise your energy consumption with Clarity

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Clarity’s reports are divided into two different types: interactive reports that allow you to drill down into different levels of data and static reports that present the data in fixed formats. Clarity Standard provides four essential interactive reports while upgrading to the Advanced version adds a further four.

Clarity Standard Interactive Reports

The Consumption Report

Allows you to plot consumption from electricity, gas, water, heat and even virtual meters. That data can be compared with consumption over multiple locations, time periods or utilities.

You can also click on each bar (representing a single day) in the main report to drill down into further detail as far as the half-hourly data originally generated by your meter. This lets you see how much energy you’re using each day while also plotting the outside air temperature which has a major impact on how much heating or cooling you require on each individual day.

The Energy Contour Map

An effective way of visualising meter consumption data being used at a site, facility, area or specific plant. Using a colour-coding scheme to indicate the amount of energy being used, each half-hour period is shown across any given day. As well as providing a quick reference that highlights exceptional periods of usage, it can be further interrogated to look for problems and faults.

The Day/Night Split Report

Visualises the energy usage and cost during the day and then during the night. The horizontal data bars in the main report view graph are split between day and night hours. These bars are clickable to trigger a further graph within the drill down chart area.

The Top Hat Report

Profiles are an effective way of analysing short-term trends, exceptions and overuse in energy consumption. You can also display the outside air temperature, benchmark data and trading vs non-trading data. The main calendar view offers users a quick way to compare daily half hourly snapshots. Each is clickable to trigger a drill down graph showing a full view of that day’s data.

Clarity Advanced Interactive Reports

The League Table Report

Identifies over-spending by ranking the best and worst performers within the user’s portfolio. The main view allows the user to sort the data according to location, floorspace, time-period and energy usage. This means comparison and consumption abnormalities can be easily identified. These can also be adjusted to take account of weather variations.

The Off-peak Report

Focuses specifically on energy performance during the night. Operating with a simple traffic light format over 10 levels, the main report view displays daily readings which allow for quick identification of peaks, issues and trends.

The Tariff Report

A simple, effective and unique way to identify an estate or building consumption versus actual costs. It’s not always the highest usage periods that cost a business the most money and this report clarifies where money is being spent.

The Analytics Module

Allows comparison of consumption against targets, benchmarks, industry standards and previous consumption. Consumption, cost and CO2 can be displayed and compared against historical data and predefined targets. Performance can be investigated by time period and locations to identify periods and areas of poor performance across a building.

As well as interactive reports, Clarity produces a number of static reports that can provide further insight and can be easily shared with your colleagues. There are seven core static reports with three additions in Advanced.

Clarity Static Reports

The Annual Comparison Report

Generates year-on-year annual consumption data, displayed in weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals.

The Cumulative Consumption Report

Provides the aggregated consumption of up to a five-year period and can include a breakdown of sub-meters.

The Data Download Report

Allows an export of multiple meter data over varying time periods for spreadsheet analysis.

The Demand Report

Provides details of daily maximum and minimum demand across the selected period.

The kVA Capacity and Power Factor Report

Visualise levels of demand across a period of time, and also include power factor.

The Monthly Billing Data Report

Allows greater visibility of the cost of energy consumption for portfolio and individual site meters.

The Site Capacity Report

Allows comparison of peak usage against agreed capacity levels.

Clarity Advanced Static Reports

The Load Shedding Evidence Report

Used to evaluate the impact of carrying out a load shift or energy reduction plan.

The Meter Setup Report

Provides a technical analysis of all sub and main meters within the system.

The Energy Dashboard Report

A simple and effective report designed to highlight all key elements of energy on a single page.