New energy connections

When you need new gas and electricity connections, we can help.

Electricity Connections

To arrange a new energy connection, you need to first contact your local Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

The DNO will provide you with a supply number (MPAN) – which you’ll need to arrange a supply contract, which must be in place before the meter installation can be arranged and the supply energised.

Once you have arranged your energy supply contract, please complete the New Supply Form here. You’ll need to allow a minimum of 15 working days from our receipt of your form to the requested meter installation date.

Where a Current Transformer connection has been requested you will need to complete the panel checklist at the end of the new supply form

For CT (Current Transformer) connections you must confirm that:

  • The Cut Out and Panel is in place
  • The CT’s are installed and wired to the Test Block
  • The customer’s Tails are connected

The fuse holders have been left in the sealed CT cabinetWhere the connection capacity you have requested exceeds 200 kVA you will need to arrange a Meter Operator Contract, details of which can be found at or by calling the meter operator on 01256 304010.Please note that there may be a charge to you for any aborted meter installation visits due to the connection work not being completed satisfactorily.

Gas Connections

To make an application please contact SSE Commercial Gas Siteworks on 0345 070 1265 to request an application form. You’ll need your account number, to ensure the Siteworks Administrator can validate the request.

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