Gas Industry Change - Project Nexus

Gas Industry Change – Project Nexus

The gas industry is going through a period of change between 23rd May and 6th June 2017. This change affects all gas suppliers and, as a result, customers may experience a slight delay in switching to a different supplier during this time.

Why is this happening?

This is because of an initiative to replace the UK Link system which is operated by Xoserve for energy settlements, meter administration and other functions for the GB gas market. This change is being driven by Ofgem and ultimately will facilitate easier switching for customers and smart meter roll-out.

The customers switching process will return to normal on 6th June 2017 for all suppliers and customers they will be given their estimated start date with their new supplier.

Supplies for customers will remain uninterrupted during the extended period of transition from one supplier to another. The industry change only affects gas, electricity supplies and switching will not be impacted.

Ofgem can offer further information regarding this industry change.