Standard fuel mix

Can SSE Business Energy offer 100% renewable electricity?

Yes. SSE has the broadest renewable electricity generation portfolio in the UK and we continue to invest in wind and hydro solutions to increase our capacity. Because of these, we’re able to offer SSE Green which is a fully certified, 100% renewable energy tariff. This helps companies with their sustainability reporting using the market-based methodology for GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, Scope 2 because the electricity purchased is matched to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin which allow the business to declare zero emissions for their purchased electricity.

What’s the breakdown for SSE’s fuel mix?

It’s increasingly important for businesses to know how the electricity supplied to them is generated. Whether your business has to report its carbon emissions or not, it’s still important to understand where that electricity comes from and how its generation impacts our environment.

SSE standard fuel mix full year to March 2017

UK average standard fuel mix full year to March 2017

Major energy providers standard fuel mix full year to March 2016