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Did you use more power on 25 March 2020 than on 25 December 2019?

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It’s amazing how much the world has changed in such a short space of time.

At the beginning of March, travelling to meetings was normal, refusing to shake hands was rude, and meeting a friend for coffee wouldn’t put you on the wrong side of the law. Now, normality comprises time-lagged Skype meetings, being obsessed with the news, and finding ways to keep cabin fever at bay.

I don’t know about you, but my allotted outdoor exercise has become the highlight of the day. Yesterday, I was out on my bike. And for cyclists, a rare benefit of the lockdown is all the gloriously empty tarmac.

Cycling along, it struck me that when I last saw the streets so deserted, I was driving to visit my in-laws on Christmas morning. And thinking of Christmas reminded me of a meeting I had in a previous role with the support of the SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions group. Energy Solutions can help businesses optimise their energy use, and the meeting I recalled was with the energy manager of a large retail chain.

I wanted to demonstrate the benefits of Clarity, our free online energy management platform. So I asked if any of their stores were open on Christmas Day. When the manager said they weren’t, the data from Clarity confirmed most of their sites were unoccupied. However, a number of data spikes indicated several stores must have left their heating on in their rush to close on Christmas Eve.

With a couple of mouse clicks, Clarity showed which stores had been wasting energy. And where – with the simple flick of a switch – that business could save energy, reduce emissions, and cut unneeded costs. And now more than ever, avoiding unnecessary expense is crucial.

Get your Clarity consumption comparison report – first 50 customers only

In these uncertain times, you want to ensure your business isn’t paying for energy it doesn’t need to be using. If you have AMR, SMETS2, or half-hourly meters installed, you can sign up for Clarity today. Included with all our smart metering packages, it’s an easy way to start taking control of your energy spend, like the manager in my meeting.

Do you want to see how much energy you’re using during lockdown? Register today for your business energy report showing your power consumption today, compared with the day before you locked down. Simply register your details and we’ll send you a Clarity consumption comparison report*. But you must act fast – the offer’s limited to the first 50 respondents. Terms and conditions apply.

Once you understand how your business uses energy, making small behavioural changes can lead to big changes in your power use. Up to a 20% reduction, according to Carbon Trust research**.

If you don’t have an AMR meter, but you’d like a better insight into how your business uses energy, it’s time you got a smart meter. AMR meters and our new, next-generation SMETS2 smart meters work with Clarity to help you understand your business energy use. Our smart meter programme is currently paused, but we’ll continue the rollout as soon as it’s safe to do so. So if you want to beat the rush, register your interest today.


*Only available to SSE Business Energy customers with AMR, SMETS2 and half-hourly energy meters.
**Figure taken from the Carbon Trust’s Energy Efficiency for Offices Guide.


Rob Silvester

Strategic Marketing Manager

Rob Silvester is Strategic Marketing Manager at SSE Business Energy, leading on product development through to brand and channel management of our new and existing partners. Prior to running the marketing function, Rob worked for SSE Business Energy though a range of Key Account Management roles, learning first hand customer drivers and needs of an energy supplier. Rob achieved his Business Management degree sponsored by SSE Business Energy and has put the theory into practice as the business has evolved over time, carving out a unique patch.
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