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SSE Business Energy: The greatest disruption facing big businesses today

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about the disruption facing large businesses – and it isn’t the ‘Uberisation’ of traditional industries.

Last week I was up in Scotland meeting with Alan Young, SSE’s Managing Director of Corporate Affairs, discussing what the greatest disruption facing big businesses today is. Maybe surprisingly we do not think it is simply the ‘Uberisation’ of traditional industries.

We both agreed that as a big business we are facing a time of immense disruption and that is the low regard in which big business is held by the wider public. This diminishing trust in corporations might be driven by high profile corporate scandals – or perhaps it is driven by a more subtle disconnect between big businesses and the people they serve.

At SSE we believe that a commitment to sustainability across all areas of our business is the best antidote to this apparent lack of trust. In the first instance it is a line of defence: as an organisation we aren’t perfect, nor do we pretend to be, but by having a focus on responsible and ethical conduct we can minimise the risk of something going wrong and build an organisation that can weather most storms. But – perhaps more positively – true sustainability means we leave the world in a better place than when we found it, whether that’s economically, socially or environmentally. That can only be good for the long term health of our business – and everyone else too.

If you want to get involved in the debate come and join us at the X-energy event on 24th of October where Alan will be part of the Leadership Panel speaking on this issue.


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