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SSE bolsters green credentials with renewed EcoAct verification

SSE Business Energy has announced that its flagship renewable energy contract, SSE Green, has been independently verified and assured for a further twelve months by EcoAct (formerly Carbon Clear), a CDP Accredited Provider.

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The independent verification demonstrates that the SSE Green energy contract is sourced solely from wind and hydro assets, enabling businesses to report zero Scope 2 emissions under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard market-based methodology. SSE Green is also fully backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (REGOs), which proves that the electricity comes from a renewable source.

This renewed verification of SSE Business Energy’s renewable electricity offering further proves its commitment to helping businesses with their environmental responsibilities, making positive ethical choices and improving their sustainability credentials.

EcoAct’s rigorous assurance process involved evaluating the design of the product against the reporting and quality criteria in the GHG Protocol to verify its environmental claims. This included reviewing and testing the REGO-backed product specifications, as well as evaluating SSE’s REGO balance for the most recent Fuel Mix Disclosure period. SSE’s internal processes for design and operation were also assessed and as part of this, EcoAct tested a sample batch of product-specific transactions and assessed risk management and data processing.

Mark Chadwick, CEO at EcoAct said: “More and more businesses are looking to invest in renewable electricity to report zero emissions. To do this, it’s essential there’s a robust framework in place that gives organisations the confidence that the electricity they are buying is generated by renewable energy sources. Achieving third party verification from us provides this reassurance for SSE Green customers.”

Mark Keeling, SSE Business Energy Sales Director said: “Our conversations with customers of all shapes and sizes show there’s a real appetite for renewable energy. Not only are businesses keen to reduce their carbon footprint, they’re also recognising that being environmentally responsible can set them apart from the competition. And research on the consumer side backs this up, with nine out of ten customers saying they’re more likely to trust companies that support social environmental issues.* The independent verification from a respected third party in EcoAct allows businesses to demonstrate their green credentials, making them more appealing to customers, procurers, suppliers and investors as well as existing, and potential, employees.”

Research conducted by EcoAct found that renewable energy usage has increased by 10% among UK businesses this year, with 75% of FTSE 100 companies sourcing renewables and an increasing number publicly committing to deploy 100% renewable electricity across their operations.**

For more information please visit or call 0800 389 4466

*Cone Communications CSR Report 2017.

**EcoAct, The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100 | 2018


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