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SSE Business Energy: X Energy

Amber McEwen, Head of Marketing at SSE Business Energy, talks about X Energy 2017.

Today, I’m at the X-Energy event in London meeting with energy and sustainability professionals from across the UK discussing the intersection of energy and technology.

Later on this afternoon I am expanding on this topic by chairing a round table on connecting energy management and business strategy for business benefit (more on that tomorrow). At the moment I am listening to Alan Young SSE Managing Director of Corporate Affairs open the session by making the argument for leadership in sustainability.

He argues that within the context of SSE the business case for sustainability expresses itself in five key ways. It is based on the requirements of investors, customers and employees, and on the requirements for resilience and growth.

His full speech is available to download at the end of this blog, but for me one of the most pertinent points is that he is seeing a proactive customer case for sustainability within business today. Those business customers concerned about their carbon footprint – also seem to be concerned about their social performance too.

In Business Energy I see this reflected in the changing discussions our sales teams are having with our customers. It is no longer enough to just respond to a tender with a price, now we are being asked to show how as a supplier we can support the sustainability agenda of our customers.

And as you would expect we are responding. We are now providing our SSE Green customers with credentials they can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and for our larger customers we are offering to run #betterbusiness workshops to share the lessons we have learnt as we have become a Fair Tax and Living Wage accredited company.

Working for a company with sustainability credentials at its core is enabling our Business Energy team to be successful by differentiating ourselves from the competition while adding value to our customers.

When I joined SSE, I Never expected i would be talking about the Living Wage and Fair Tax Mark as frequently as I am – and I certainly never expected that the ‘feel good’ factor that comes with this discussion would make me feel so proud to work for SSE. Alan Young and the team – keep up the good work!

Download Alan Young’s speech – The business case for leadership in sustainability.


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