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Energy solutions

We provide sustainable energy solutions designed to help meet the specific needs and ambitions of businesses, who are keen to build resilience and growth in a manner which is strategic, responsible and durable.

Turning strategy into action

Your energy efficiency initiative can only succeed if you put your strategy into action. Having secured the backing of senior management and enlisted the support of the staff, it’s time to make a practical plan.

It’s important to set realistic goals. Think about the quick wins. What measures could you put in place that would be easy to implement, yet show immediate savings?

Preferably, these won’t require any up-front investment. For example, turning down heating thermostats by just 1ºC can make a significant difference to costs.

The benefit of quick wins is that they demonstrate a principle. They show colleagues and management that there is a valuable return for the effort that they’re making. This allows you to develop a plan with both short-term and long-term goals, increasing the sophistication of the measures that you put in place and, perhaps, even funding more ambitious initiatives using the savings you’ve made.

As part of your plan, it’s important to keep all staff engaged. They need to buy in to the thinking behind energy efficiency, so it’s important to publicise any gains you make and to properly explain each measure you introduce.

It’s also well worth making sure your plan shows an orderly timetable of tasks and targets, that it’s properly costed and funded and that it has the backing of your management team. A clear structure and implementation timetable also make it easy to report on your activities and to measure actual success against your plan. Take a look at our sample action plan and see how it develops from quick wins to longer-term projects.

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