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Energy solutions

We provide sustainable energy solutions designed to help meet the specific needs and ambitions of businesses, who are keen to build resilience and growth in a manner which is strategic, responsible and durable.

Taking stock – measuring and reporting

Throughout your energy efficiency journey, you’ll need to gather evidence of your progress. You’ll also need to measure it against your starting point. Having established a baseline that takes into account your historical usage and costs, it’s relatively easy to show how the measures you put into place are making savings for your organisation.

Of course, it’s vital that you report progress clearly and at the right level within the company. By demonstrating the savings (and other benefits to the company) it’s easier to get support and financial backing for further measures that would save you even more.

In your energy reports you should show energy consumption for the period covered (and compare actual performance with any targets you’ve set). You may also want to show (and explain) any variances for the period.

Regular and detailed monitoring of your energy consumption can also alert you to any problems – and help you address them quickly.

As your plans develop, you’re likely to want ever more detailed data that deepens your understanding of how the organisation uses energy. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters and Smart meters provide a wealth of information that can be analysed using Clarity, our online energy management tool.

If you don’t yet have access to AMR or Smart data, you’ll need to capture regular meter readings and develop a system for logging your data. Ideally, though, you would want to benefit from automated data gathering and analysis, taking advantage of Clarity’s ability to display data in graphs and charts. If your company doesn’t already use AMR or Smart metering, you can register your interest here.

As part of your regular management reporting, you may also want to conduct formal energy surveys or audits. These are good for developing your energy planning and for identifying issues that need to be addressed. Surveys and audits also provide reliable data that can be used to form a business case for any expenditure required.

In all of your reporting, it’s worth bearing in mind the varying needs of your audiences and tailoring them to ensure that people see the benefit to the organisation of the work being done.

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